segunda-feira, 7 de maio de 2007


Project EICSTES (European Indicators, Cyberspace and the Science-Technology-Economy System) is a shared-cost RTD (contract No. IST-1999-20350) funded by the Fifth Framework Program of R&D of the European Commission within Cross Program Action CPA4 of the Information Society Technologies Programme (IST), that is devoted to obtain indicators of the New Economy.
EICSTES intends to offer statistics and to obtain indicators on the European Science-Technology-Economy System in Internet in order to shed some light on the likely relationships between the R&D sector and key actors of the New Economy. These indicators will be disseminated in an open, user-friendly, graphical environment using new web visualisation techniques.
As the main part of the results in the project, these indicators will be exploited by the European Statistical Office (EUROSTAT).
Also a background for these policies can be found in SINE (Statistical Indicators for the New Economy) and EPROS reports and the eEurope Action Plan.

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