quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2007

Talking Race and Cyberspace: Lisa Nakamura

Talking Race and Cyberspace:
Interview with Lisa Nakamura
By Geert Lovink
I met Internet scholar Lisa Nakamura at a conference in Oslo, late 2001, where she showed how techno-utopian dreams reproduced racist patterns. Her analysis was of a shocking normality because it, once again, proved how 'the old' got teleported into the new in such a friction-free manner.Nakamura's material shows how the Internet, despite all its alternative claims, is part of dominant visual culture. "No one on the Internet knows you are a dog." It is this flirt with fluid identities, so common in the roaring nineties, that distracted Internet advocates from futher investigations. That, of course, changed over the past years. A number of conferences were held and studies done, and Lisa Nakamura's work stands out within this context.The following email interview was done after we both got involved in a debate about the merits of 'Internet research'.Full Interview:Talking Race and Cyberspace

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